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Featured Post: Introduction to Philosophy Assignment



by Monaliza L. Alcaraz


(watercolor painting by me)

It all began in a world where life was possible. A higher being, knowing of this good news, created a woman and made her possess the power of creativity and the power of love. The higher being had done this for a reason and it was because the world was full of sadness, emptiness, darkness. The woman, brought to life, was descended to the world by the higher being and from then on, everything changed.

The woman touched the ground, squinted her eyes, smelled the air and waited for a sound but there was nothing. She whispered to herself, “There has to be something. Anything.” So she closed her eyes, focused and aligned herself with the higher being. She touched the air above her, her fingertips paralleled to her toes. She swirled all around the emptiness while she thought of three things: color, shape and size. The colors light blue, yellow and the absence of color, white. She swirled until she was exhausted, her eyes still closed. She lied down on the ground and as she opened her eyes, there right above was the light blue sky, white clouds and the brightest of all, the sun. She smiled to herself and became so excited that she immediately wanted to color some more.

All around her, darkness still reigned. She looked upwards. Inspired by her first creation, she again aligned herself with the higher being and meditated. She slowly kneeled and touched the ground and thought of colors green, brown and blue while again she closed her eyes. She then heard sounds that were unfamiliar to her, but she listened intently. And all of a sudden, every sound stopped at once. She was still kneeling and touching the ground. As she moved her hands slowly feeling the ground, it was somehow moist and damp. She opened her eyes and was surprised by so many objects she saw right in front of her. There were almost identical trees with green leaves and brown branches, trunks and roots. There were blue ponds in all shapes and sizes and rivers that made water flow. She looked beneath her and saw that she was touching the moist and damp earth. She inhaled, and she smelled the air, her lungs being filled with the earthly aromas.


(watercolor painting by me)

Her creations made her very happy, but she felt that there were some things missing. Her heart felt empty even if she was surrounded by beauty. And so she pondered on this thought and sat down under a tree near a pond. After a long moment of pondering, she was very exhausted but satisfied with her ideas. She asked the higher being to tone down the brightness of the sun and so the night came together with the moon that dimly lit her creations. After a long sleep, she stretched and again aligned herself with the higher being. This time she was solemn. She kept her excitement low and focused on what she wanted to create next.

First, she had put her hands on her heart while she aligned herself with the higher being. She thought of so many, the power she possessed made it easier to imagine and conceptualize. It never created a clutter inside her head because the higher being helped her organize her thoughts. She was already prepared when she opened her arms, stood her ground and focused on the objects she wanted to create. She took her time and one by one they were all beginning to come to life. She whispered to herself, whispered to the higher being that these things be created with souls and for a long moment she was completely absorbed.


(watercolor painting by me)

Her heart pounded on her chest. She inhaled and the air smelled different but still with a tinge of the moist and damp earth beneath and around her. She placed her hands on both sides, and waited. Little did she know that there were already three men and three women in front of her along with animals such as birds inhabiting the trees, fish inhabiting the ponds, insects crawled the ground and trees, horses were standing nearby, bears inhabiting by the river and so on and so forth. The persons she created were looking at her as if they knew that she is the creator or the first created. They stood closer to her, held her hands and knelt. She felt their gentle touch then slowly she opened her eyes. She was overwhelmed by the number of living things she has created. Tears streamed down her face, accompanied by happiness she felt in her heart. First, she fixed her eyes to the men and women she created; the three men whether interests a woman, another man or both and likewise for the three women. She asked them to stand and they all stood right away then they all walked towards the animals. She touched the animals gently on the head, and they all respected and acknowledged her. The other living persons done the same and they too were respected and acknowledged by the animals.

The woman who was first created gave her gratitude by daily aligning herself to the higher being as well as the other persons whom she taught. The men and women took care of the trees, ponds, rivers, animals and most especially themselves and one another. She, the first woman, made the higher being so happy that as a result, the higher being created more women and as well as men to take care of the first woman’s creations. They were all given the power of creativity and as well as the power of love and for that, there are different objects created by different men and women all around the world every day. And these creations were made possible through men and women’s ideas and most especially through aligning themselves with the higher being.

–End –


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