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Featured Post: INTFILO Assignment 2

Fun read, Vianca Layno of A52:)

INTFILO creation story

This creation story focuses on how God bestowed order upon Earth.

solar_system_small In the beginning, God was alone and wandering through space. He was a very powerful, sadistic, and immortal spirit. He was able to create anything. He created things and then destroyed them just so he can do something with his tremendous power. He can control everything that he creates. He can create unpredictable objects, and still control them, whenever he wanted to. Because he can  control everything, he does not need anyone to manipulate or handle anything for him.

globe_west_2048Sometimes, he would create a small ball, a stick, and several holes throughout space. He would try to shoot the ball into a hole by hitting the ball with a stick. This was one of the activities that he enjoyed very much. He liked the feeling, that there was something unpredictable just like, when he was not sure whether he would shoot the ball or not. When he was bored, he created a gigantic ball. It was not the type used for his favorite leisure activity. It was much bigger. He also made other balls after, but only chose one to concentrate on. On the chosen ball were trees, different bodies of water and land, animals, insects, flowers, fruits, and wind. He named the ball Earth. He also made a ball of fire, which was much bigger than the latter. He placed it far from Earth. It provided light and heat to the Earth. After, even if he did not do anything, Earth and the ball of fire, which he called the sun, continued to exist without any problem. Everything was in harmony. However, it was all very boring to him. The Sun and the Earth operated in a predictable way. He knew what would happen later, and after that. So, just like his game of ball and stick, he made the Earth events unpredictable. He, then made humans. Each had a different pattern of behavior. Even though they had a pattern of behavior, they were still unpredictable, especially, when combined with emotions.

princip460x276God ended up controlling a lot of events. He manipulated men to create things such as properties, laws, and hierarchy. There were also elections, where humans could choose their own leaders. However, it is all just an illusion. Even though the humans voted for the person they thought were the best for the role, the winners would lose their freedom, and become puppets of God. He would create wars, calamities, and bizarre events, that humans cannot explain. He watched the humans react to these. At one time, he went inside a human, took control of his body, and then killed a leader and his wife, which resulted to an infamous chaos, that enveloped the whole world. At another, he made the Earth hotter, and made them believe that this was their doing. He did not really care whether the humans were in peril or not, he just wanted to watch his creations be unpredictable, and react to whatever was thrown at them.

oserchanger-comAfter a long time, God wanted to experience living on Earth, and bestow upon the order, that he wanted, so he went inside one of the humans. He can move from one human to another, but he stayed in one of them. He chose to stay in the most powerful human in the world at that time. The man was in control of a huge amount of resources. None of the humans knew that he was on Earth. He blended in with them. He still loved hitting balls with sticks. He was amazed on what happens on Earth. He still manipulated the newly elected leaders to do what he wants, and the events to favor the land he led. Despite all these, he still gave the humans free will and a sense of judgement.

iraq_bombing_200401121To show to the people his and his land’s power, he wanted to throw unlimited fireballs at the Land of Sand, but doing so without enough reason will turn a lot of people against him. So he changed his shape and clothing and blended in with the people from the Land of Sand. One day, he overheard a group of people conversing about their plan to throw huge amounts of fiery metal at God’s land. However, the people were not from the Land of Sand, and he knew that. God thought how lucky he was to have heard this. When the day of the attack came, he let his land be attacked, and hundreds of his people die. God told his people, that the attackers were from the Land of Sand (the people did not know he wanted to attack it). He, then pursued his plan of throwing fireballs at the Land of Sand, and told the people, that this will benefit mankind.

manipulationGod’s land became more powerful. A huge population of humans willingly became slaves of his land. They left their homeland, and serve God’s. He had powerful friends, who helped him whenever he was in need. He and his friends went to parties and gatherings together, and shared secrets. He had several enemies, who cannot defeat him. This was the order that God wanted. Many humans would kiss his feet, some would shake his hand and kiss his cheeks, some would try to shoot his head and stab his back, but no one would see his true self and intentions.

Until this day, God continues to covertly exist on Earth and manipulate humans.

Photo sources: and.html


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