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With Passion, Age Does not Matter

So true!

For me at least, because here I am. almost 40 and learning to ride a bike for the first time:)


So, to motivate myself, I had to find a pink one that was just right for me:)  I found the perfect bike in  a makeshift yard where one can buy all sorts of imported pre-owned bikes from Japan and lovingly restored by Filipino artisans.  It has been a month of irregular practice but these past few days I was able to balance myself on the bike and in the process learned so much about myself and what I could possibly do if there would be no negative, self-limiting thoughts on what I can do and cannot do.  While I was learning to ride without supervision from my sweet husband, I was also standing up to a bully in the workplace.  I stood my ground and did not give in.

And you know what, my dear students?  I have you to thank for it!  Remember in GENDERS class where you all ditched the tough guy archetype in favor of the sweet guy?  Sometimes, we just have to channel this inner tough guy in us in order to fight our battles, whether they are internally or externally inflicted, especially by those who try to render us powerless.  It worked for me just recently:)

The next stop for my biking adventure, biking on all kinds of terrain, perhaps?  Don’t stop me:)


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