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A thoughtful reflection is always a way to go:) Beautiful work, Kristine Crusem!

The Human Android
by Kristine Crusem
In the movie, ‘Eve no Jikan’, it was shown that androids can think and act like real human beings. The only thing that distinguishes them from real humans is the ring or the halo on top of their heads. The androids in the movie were created to be of help to human beings. They are the ones who usually do the household chores and work. They also work in different fields, some of them are in business, and some are employed as teachers. The movie completely illustrates how these androids’ functioning is almost the same as the humans. They can do critical thinking and logical reasoning; they have this so called artificial intelligence. Moreover, the movie portrays these human androids to also have emotions and feelings, the same way a real human person do. They can experience joy, sadness, and even frustration. This very act of experiencing emotions and feelings of the creations of humans seems beyond the reality that we know. As far as what human knowledge is concern, the only entity in this planet that can use their own reasoning and feeling are nothing or no one else other than the human  beings their selves.
I believe that the movie’s notion that the futuristic androids that men could create will also be the exact carbon copy of a human’s physiology and functioning is entirely and undoubtedly impossible. I would first state the facts and knowledge I have learned over the years. Since I am a psychology major, one of the first things I’ve learned is that human behavior is not only governed by one factor, there are different factors that influence a person (biological, social, cognitive, etc.); one theory that is applicable to one is not necessarily applicable to everyone. In fact, a person’s self-identity may remain unclear for a long period of time; an individual may also find his/herself asking the question why did he/she do that or why is he/she doing a certain thing. The issue of unpredictability is also of concern for human individuals; “unpredictability is a fundamental part of human nature (Markman, 2008)”. Even in our perception; people’s perception of reality differs from one another. In one situation, there are thousands and thousands of different realities in the eyes of the  different people who perceive it; “What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are. (C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew)”. Another reason is that, a human’s brain is still kind of a mystery to us. It’s functions and structures are very complex that even some phenomenon remained unanswered. Quoting Strickland (n.d.), “While neurologists have been studying the brain for decades, many mysteries remain. And where there are mysteries, there’s sure to be misinformation”.
Geminoid F poses for pictures in Hong Kong’s Cityplaza mall; taken from
The photograph above, according to Springer (2012), shows the latest android made in Japan by Hiroshi Ishiguro, a Japanese robotics expert. The android has a built-in computer that is programmed to do human gestures and actions. This android has already proved its abilities as a stage performer in singing and as a model. So far, Geminoid F is labelled as the world’s smartest robot. Geminoid F is indeed something that people in the ancient times could have never imagined to exist. Even though this advancement in robotics is still ongoing, people can never replicate something that still remained unanswered and a mystery to them. Androids can do look like humans, with the use of technological knowledge and advancements. However, what does it really take to be called “human”? It’s not just about the looks or the physical aspects. It’s all about our ability to think, feel, and reason out even though it can sometimes be illogical. Androids, no matter what computer program we install to them, they can only function in logic; like what was witnessed in the said movie. That is how we built them, a human can not go beyond what we know as the supernatural.

Techno Love? 

by Kristine Crusem

Image taken from

Is it possible for a human being to fall in love or to have feelings with an android? In the movie ‘Eve no Jikan’,  the answer to this question is yes. I also agree with this proposition. In the movie, the characters of Rikuo Sakisaka and Masakazu Masaki showed how they display emotions and feelings toward their androids. In the case of Sakisaka, he has a female android named Sammy. Initially, it is absurd for Sakisaka to think that his android can actually do things on her own or even have her own emotions. When he found out that Sammy is actually visiting this cafe called ‘The Time of Eve’, he was shocked and he seemed to find it hard to accept. However, in the latter part of the movie, he acknowledge the idea that Sammy can also have her own emotions and feelings. The very act of him considering the well-being of Sammy is a manifestation of showing care towards the android. Another character that showed feelings towards an android is Masaki. Masaki considered Tex, his own android, to be his best friend since he was a kid. He was very attached to Tex for the android was always there for him to take care of him, especially when his parents are always not around the house. Tex served as the one whom Masaki share his problems with. Tex served as his company as he is growing up. There is also another instance in the movie wherein a girl mad her android his lover.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid; Image taken from

Nevertheless, how is it possible for us humans to fall in love with a non-human, especially to our very own creations? First, let us consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. According to Abraham Maslows, quoted by Cherry (n.d.), “…these needs are similar to instincts and play a major role in motivating behavior”. Taking this hierarchy of needs into consideration, when a human’s needs are met by these androids It is possible that humans have this sense of attachment to them. When androids can provide security and even the sense of love and belonging, we as humans can be moved by their actions.


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