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Grade Consultation Day is Sacred

My dear students,

As I hang around M408 all by lonesome, with your quizzes and papers prepared for consultation in case you may have some questions, it strikes me that I am the only one who finds the whole activity extremely important.  And it saddens me.  A lot.  While I exercise some sort of power over you as your teacher, GCD affords you some power as well—to ask, inquire and demand answers. Your queries may not be satisfied by a quick reply through email (which I do very sparingly).  And also, I very much want to see you again, for some, for the last time maybe as you will be off to graduate and leave DLSU perhaps forever.

So, I deem the Grade Consultation Day sacred inasmuch as it embodies our relationship together; not only as teacher-students but maybe as friends as well now that we have shed the formalities of our official relationship.

But, sigh!  Here I am, still alone:(  I will leave in a few moments from now and any query will be deemed moot because our precious time has passed.



  1. Dr. Peraculo,

    I am very sorry to say but due to geograhical circumstances, I cannot attend the GCD because I am already in the province. However, I am available for contact through email. As I said before, I would still like to request for a breakdown of my grades prior to the one you gave me.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Jeline Malasig 11116129 AB-LIM


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