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Instructions for 1st Journal Entry

Read carefully!

The assignment comes in two parts:

1.  The First Part is a paragraph containing what you think are the main points of Leni Garcia’s article.

2. The Second Part is your OWN MYTHICAL STORY (original or inspired by existing stories) that shows how you think or describe God, your understanding of what it means to be a Human Person, and your views on Society or World.  Let your imagination roam free, get wild.

There is absolutely no prohibitions on what you can come up with and I will absolutely not limit or censor your views on God.  I just want your story to contain multimedia stuff like pictures, videos or music.  That is why we are using this platform.  I also want you to cite your sources (requirement) and the stories that have inspired you—may they be actual or fantastical.Image

Minimum 2 pages double-spaced and typed in reader-friendly font.




  1. anjilou17 says:

    Hi Miss, I’m not sure if I wrote the right link of my wordpress account last time, 🙂 but here it is =
    My first journal entry, the first and second part are separated . ^_^

  2. dongwon2 says:

    Hi Miss ! Plz check my journal too. I\m getting worried..:) I’m Lee, Dong Won from EM section. Have a nice day!

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