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Excellent reflection and story from Eduardo Cabral EM

Love this for its simplicity and depth of insight!

Journal Entry 1


Made by my friend, Sonny Aranilla

            When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Greek mythology. I was swayed by their way of life and really find the Greek Gods cool for their existence. There was something in Greek mythology that I think I can connect to on some level. However, I know they are just tales to tell a story about heroic acts of Gods and to entertain people especially young children but I believe their existence is to teach a lesson. People must understand how to weed out the truth from the story and detach it from the fiction. With that being said, this relates to Plato’s parable of the cave. The parable merely illustrates the battle with oneself. It is in the inner being of each one to know when to start evaluating matters of life. People usually don’t see the reality of ideas for they simply blindly follow what the society feeds them and they are only taken out from the world of shadows when they start to question what is happening around them and think beyond what they see. It is only through enlightenment that one is freed from ignorance. Just like when the philosophers start to form queries about reality which displayed the shift from mythos to logos. They began to seek the truth beneath the lies of Greek mythology just like Thales who veered off from the usual idea and asked what the world is composed of. Eventually, logos prevailed but it doesn’t mean that mythos was totally wiped off. I think this is the main point of Leni Garcia’s article. He highlighted that mythos and logos complement with each other. Philosophers use mythos to make logos as a whole. They use it as a way in order for the common people to understand more what logos tries to impart. Alternatively, mythos needs to be substantiated by a reason for stories will just be simply lies without validity. One cannot exist without the other for both are indispensable.


            Garcia’s article grabbed my attention and made me ponder how the world existed and what really is God’s true form. As I imagine the creation of universe, I came to think as well what God looks like. Darkness existed for so long and covered the whole empty space. But one day, there was flickering in one corner and suddenly its intensity started to multiply up until it cannot contain itself. The Light exploded in the outer space and bits of it scattered at every part where every particle was shimmering at their own  place. One speck of Light was Earth and beams of it formed human beings of different races, the sky, the land and the sea and as well as a variety of creatures. With the Light inside of every individual, of every living thing, it can either shine brighter or shrink into the darkness. The Light resembles God. With that being said, every being has a piece of God within themselves. It is on the will of each individual on whether they will accept God’s love or not, who to hold on and keep faith in. Given those who stayed under and let themselves be consumed by dark of shadows, the idea of the devil comes to life. These days, the presence of old and new Gods came into the idea from the intensity of Light formed by each of individual having the same faith. This is where the concept of religion comes into place. There may be a diversity of beliefs, but at the end of the day, each one swears by on one God in union of their distinct convictions.


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