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Excellent Story from Jasmine Lalanto EJ

Jasmine is such a fantastic story-teller I deemed it was too good to miss!

Mythology and it’s allure (First Journal Entry INTFILO)

Part 1

Leni Garcia’s Article in the book exploring the Philosophical Terrain is first that Myths and Science during the time of Homer was intertwined. I believe because most of the community then was far from being intellectual about the things that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Human Beings tend to brush things that are unexplained to magic and myths. During those times because of the popular belief in Gods and Goddesses many were hesitant to question things that stray away from the thinking of the masses which solely based on the deities that were never seen or heard. Because of the popular rise of Hesoid and Homer many believe what was written was true and because of this many Philosophers were adamantly against that belief.

It was stated in the article that there is no line that differentiates what is philosophy to what is not, and because of this Thales was considered the first philosopher. The main reason why he was the considered as the first philosopher I think, because he was the first one to object what was beyond the norm of what society thinks about the creation of all the things. He was the first one to question the beliefs of people though many still thought about him paying homage to Poseidon. Though he might seem to move against the current he still had a small inclination to the myths which cannot be explained in words/science before then, but with the start of something small as opposing what is universally acknowledge many have started to question it also which started another bandwagon though of a different nature.

Another point that she raised was how the poems illustrate that of the lives of the heroes which can be seen as colorful, full of meaning and of course note worthy. Like many characters from different myths from across different pantheon there are different stories on how one will portray the changing of seasons or stories of lovers though they have might be distinct to one, they share a common denominator which is the cycle of the hero’s life. The journey of the main protagonist then going into a dark atmosphere or event to having been enlightened and the cycle repeats itself again.

These are I think the main points of Leni Garcia’s article.

Part 2 Own Mythical Story :)

Have you ever wondered why only so little is discovered of the deep-sea? That is because beneath the deep waters lie an unknown population of supreme beings. These “beings” are highly advanced in all aspects compared to humans, so advanced that they regulate the things we know. Only through subtle and seemingly unrelated hints do they show that they DO exist. Despite this, very few human beings have been able to connect these subtle hints. There is a limit to what human beings should know about everything, therefore they have to erase the existence of these unfortunate people. By “erasing” people, it not only means that these people mysteriously disappear but also their identities are completely wiped out from existence. Everything that came into contact with them is perfectly covered up. Needless to say, it’s as if these people never existed. They found out the whole truth and it literally killed them. This we could not confirm, but it’s a fate worse than death (in society’s terms, at least. Death could be seen as something positive by very few others.)
But what of these notes? Doesn’t the author of these notes fear of being wiped out of existence? Or more convincingly these exact notes are just another collection of gibberish of a mad person. You, reader, will never know. It could be one of the subtle hints mentioned earlier being less subtle. Why not expose them a little bit every once in a while? After all, they need more human specimens to “erase”.

Here I stand, ready to illustrate why the people of Atlantis vanished into thin air, never to be seen again.

Let us first talk about the creation, not many have been able to comprehend where the people of Atlantis or like they prefer it Atlanteans really came from, some say they were very powerful beings that was created even before the gods, while some say that the Atlanteans were the gods, while others say that they were the perfect creations of what a Human Being is , but even though with a diverse definition of what an Atlantean is they share a common trait which is the Atlanteans were the Thanatos  Fernei or Bringer of Death in English.

Atlantekonian gods and goddesses were considered more powerful than that of the Greek Pantheon but due to their neutrality they weren’t making any scheming plot to over throw one another and conquer the universe for themselves unlike other pantheons, but instead they chose to live out plans that can make their lives more proficient which makes them more mysterious to other supernatural beings. Due to their strong power and allure most of the different pantheon like the Egyptian, Norse, and Greek were enamored by their presence. See it was very rare to find an Atlantekonian out in the open for they were a very secretive group, and when laid eyes upon only selected beings are immune to the hum and presence radiating from them, that is why many seek out to ally themselves to that said pantheon. The first Atleantean was born when the Atlantekonian Goddess named Apollymi had an affair with the Titan Prometheus, for their romance was only brief but resulted into the first Atlantean. Scared of what the reaction of Prometheus she kept the information of her unborn child a secret to him, instead she searched for guidance from other Atlantekonians. The initial reaction from the members was to kill the child for they will have no use for it and is an abomination to the niche but Apollymi being the goddess of destruction and life couldn’t handle the pressure so instead they all agreed to birth the child though they will cast it away into a realm far away from them.

Acheron was the first Atlantean to ever roam the earth. He didn’t know who his creator was and how he was brought about, the last thing he remember was waking up all alone washed up in an isolated island. He lived alone for 500 years without doing anything except to hunt for food and make shelter. During one of his hunting trips he stumbled across a building that was abandoned, and found it sturdy enough to be his home. One evening Acheron was visited by none other than Apollymi herself, explaining the things that transpired during the time Acheron was brought about, she let the memories of their short time together resurface which made Acheron lurched grabbing his head for information that was slowly revealing itself. At the end of their conversation Apollymi brought about 6 beings in front of Acheron asking him to take care of the children like him, some were half Greek half Atlantekonian, while others were half Atlantekonian half Egyptian but the one that caught Acheron’s eyes was the anomaly which is Soteria. Her lineage was never confirmed but one of the sources says that she was the first woman to be created by one of the Gods from the Greek Pantheon from clay and was given breath to live by none other than Athena herself but was shunned away for being too fragile. After a few more years of living as a family and courtship between the opposite sex, Acheron and Soteria finally fell in love and have given birth to a daughter named Ryssa. The populations of Atlantis grew from offspring of the members or by Apollymi bringing more demigods and human beings. Soon after it was already a booming community which many people live in with different blood lines interconnected though the blood line of Acheron and Soteria was preserved and was thought of as the pure bloodline. Ryssa was considered as the most beautiful women in the Atlantis, and because she was the most loved daughter of Acheron he handed her the amulet of nothingness, which was said to have been capable of erasing one’s identity and or one’s memories and this amulet was one of the main ‘cause for the destruction of Atlantis and plunging it to the depths of the sea.

It all started when the box of Pandora was opened by some audacious and arrogant soldiers of Acheron. Pandora was on a different mission from the Greek Pantheon, she knowing how strong, credible and neutral Acheron was, asked him to look after the box which she secretly give off.  The soldiers of Acheron were considered the best across different places though what made them weak was their desire to get stronger, their inability to be content on what they have. Because of this the soldiers wanted to seize the opportunity by actually opening the box. However what they didn’t expect was for the box to contain emotions and events that were neither used nor wanted in society – lust, envy, gluttony, destruction, wrath, hope, and other what nots that were left mainly because nothing good come out of it. The moment they opened the box was when all the evils came out and wreak havoc in Atlantis, it affected nearly every person and causing mayhem and anarchy between the people. The soldiers were consumed with guilt at what they had done, and soon after every one was taken over by the seven deadly sins the resided in the box all except one, he who was the main instigator and the husband of Ryssa named Zsadist.  He quickly went out to seek Ryssa to see if she was ok and thankfully she was, but soon after Acheron who was away for a few days came back roaring inside the castle demanding answer on what transpired in the land of Atlantis. Zsadist and Acheron fought with all their hearts while Ryssa wanted nothing more than to have them be normal again. As the fight egged on longer Zsadist was blasted off by the power of Acheron crashing down strongly against the floor, he swiftly swooped down and crouched ready to deliver the final blow when Ryssa screamed and used the amulet on her father. A few seconds later Acheron laid limp beside Zsadist having forgotten all the memories of what transpired but the ground started to shake and buildings were slowly caving.  Ryssa wanting nothing more than to save Atlantis couldn’t do anything anymore for after a few seconds the City of Atlantis plunged to the sea never to be seen again, or is it.

Some say Ryssa was the leader of this city beneath the waters and when somebody gets closer to the truth they are taken without anyone noticing erasing their memories, their existence and letting them be fed by her pet the Leviathan.

**The stories that inspired me was the book Acheron, the Greek Gods and Goddesses and other are just my fiction of imagination while the names are from characters from different books that stood out for me. I do not own Acheron, Ryssa, Zsadist, Apollymi, and Prometheus.

By: Jasmine M. Lalanto



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