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Beautiful Work from Kides del Rosario of EJ

It’s raining outside, I’m slowly sipping wine from a glass, and reading fantastic stories such as these!  On another note, I think you should run home as soon as you can to avoid the rains and floods.  I hope that by now you are home where you are safe and dry:)

Journal Entry 1: Reflection on Leni Garcia’s Article

Posted on June 13, 2013

In the world of Leni Garica and her article it talked about how people view how the world came to be in different ways. How these so called “gods” have an affect on the lives of mortals on earth, that whatever happens to them it also happens to us. We all know of the gods Zeus and Poseidon, the reason why we have water is because of Poseidon and we had lightning because of Zeus and so on and so forth, so meaning these so called gods were praised by the mortals. I actually believe that these were all just myths and were made up to create stories for children to read and heroes to look up to like zeus and poseidon. These so called myths give us reason and beliefs that science can’t give us.

The Warrior of The Heart

Posted on June 13, 2013

When Maethor was born in the hands of a human and a God, his father knew his life would never be normal. Maethor grew up with one parent short having no father to look up to, this brought great sadness upon him. But nonetheless life would not wait for him and all he could do is move on. While he was growing up somewhere deep in his heart a thought pressed him to think every day. He knew he was not like the others. He knows that somewhere beyond the boundaries of his home, away from the boundaries of his homeland there was something out there –somewhere just waiting for him patiently calling out his name with an eager voice.

Where Maethor and Thalma first meet.

Understanding what was deep in his heart, Maethor left a normal teenagers lifestyle, knowing that the restricting walls of his school would not bring him his ultimate desire. Taking all that he could Maethor stepped out of the comfort of his home and ventured out into the world that awaits him. He passed through forests and cut through mountains but curiosity got him and led him into a place that no one has ever come across. As he entered the small opening he saw this great place, like a whole new world he’s never laid eyes on, as he gazed in the beauty of the mountains and the waterfalls that lead to the beautiful lake that mirrors his image he notices something across the lake. A woman standing on the edge dressed in white, her fiery red hair flowed like a scarlet river gleaming gold and brilliant. Her fair skin was smoothed in the light of the setting sun and though from afar he could see her eyes, violet like an amethyst, unreal and enchanting. Maethor had never been so captivated by such beauty before that he builds up the courage to walk up to her. They meet and Maethor can’t seem to pry his eyes off of her, he asks for her name and she replies with a smile,


What grew from a great friendship blossomed something more, time has passed and Maethor realized that he truly loved her as Thalma felt the same way. Meanwhile in the shadows of the Pandaemonium, the domain of where evil was at its greatest lurked in the darkness a being of great power. His name was Galvor, lord of death, and he was not pleased with this union and decided that he would do something about it but because of his pride he would not try to approach him personally. He sends forth a Hellhound which is a canine twisted from dark designs to teach Maethor a lesson. As Maethor and Thalma were walking in the forest they hear a demonic howling that echoed through the woods, taken by surprise the Hellhound pounced towards both Thalma and Maethor. Maethor, feeling responsible for her safety, he jumped towards this beast and landed on the back of its neck. Pinning the beast to the ground and with one fluid motion broke its neck silencing its howls forever. Maethor couldn’t explain what just happened and where his strength was coming from, his mind was baffled with questions. This is where Thalma comes in and unexpectedly explains. “Maethor, when you told me that you didn’t seem to fit in like the others, I think this is why. A mortal having such great strength can only mean you were born the son of a god named, Gaius, god of valor. You ask why I know this? It is because I am Thalma a demi-god just like you.” Maethor was in shock and couldn’t really absorb what he was hearing, “Thalma, it has been 5 years since we have met and we’ve told each other everything…I guess I was wrong.” Thalma felt saddened by what she heard, “I’m sorry Maethor for not telling you this from the beginning, I thought it was better that way, for us to live a life normal. I also have to tell you something since you know about the other world, the gods. A lord of death named Galvor has had a long time fettish over me, he says that I will end up with him no matter what I do. I think that’s why the Hellhound appeared before us. Galvor is trying to send a message to us. I don’t want you to get hurt so I think that I should stay away for the moment Maethor.” Maethor couldn’t accept that and did what he could do to keep her in his life, “THALMA! Will you marry me?!” Surprised by what just came out of his mouth Thalma replies, “Maethor what are you saying? After all of that I’ve just told you, you want to marry me?” Maethor replies, “Even after what you told me, I want you to be in my life, no matter what happens. I’ll protect you.” With awe and a smile on her face, “I want to be with you to Maethor, I love you, YES I will marry you!” With happiness in their hearts they caressed each other and could not believe all the things that just happened.

Hellhounds sent by Galvor

Meanwhile, Galvor underestimated Maethor; he did not know that Gaius had bore a son, this demi-god with such great strength. He had to end things between Thalma and Maethor, but he needed a great plan, after what he just saw and the marriage proposal he needs to stop things and time is not on his side. Galvor decides to go forth the earth as a human being and try to get Thalma for himself.  When doing so, Galvor fails and is rejected, this really upsets him because Galvor doesn’t like to be rejected. This pain and anger causes him to do demonic things on earth, he plans to get revenge on Maethor and Thalma, he leaves earth knowing he will come back. He says with such great confidence, “Thalma, you will be mine!”

All evil Galvor

Watching from above, Gaius, couldn’t keep his eyes from watering because of what was happening with his son and his betrothed Thalma, he had to convince Galvor to stop, but how was the question. He did not want to interfere with the human world let alone let Maethor know the evil plans Galvor created. Gaius had to guide his son.

“Maethor…MAETHOR!” yelled Thalma. With a concerned look on his face, “What is it Thalma my love?” Thalma needed to catch her breath and spoke with a quaky voice, “It’s Galvor, he was here and he tried to take me with him back to his world, Pandaemonium. He said I will one day be his!” Maethor couldn’t control his rage and smashed his fist against the floor creating a big crack. “I must not let you out of my sight Thalma, I need to protect you!” Maethor said. In that moment darkness appeared before them and Maethor could hear the howls of those Hellhounds and the howls were coming closer. Maethor turned his head and three Hellhounds, a lot bigger than they were before, came pouncing towards them. Maethor ready to take them down like before was in his standing position filled with confidence and rage.  Maethor was not well prepared to go up against three Hellhounds, he had no chance.

Thalma watched with scared and worried eyes, she couldn’t help but cry and call out to the gods to help Maethor. No one seemed to show up. Maethor couldn’t handle the Hellhounds and he was going down slowly, Thalma was shouting out, “Run Maethor, get way from them..RUN RUN!” From behind her it was Galvor, “I told you Thalma, you will be mine.” With that said, Thalma seemed to have listened to Galvor, she went with him and didn’t know why this was all happening. Galvor caressed Thalma and they left earth. As Galvor left so did the Hellhounds.

“Thalma! Where are you? Thalma!” yelling out into the mountains and woods, Maethor ended up in the small opening and he entered curious thinking that Thalma might have hid there. Looking around the lake, now only filled with water and its beauty gone along with Thalma. Maethor was losing hope and didn’t know if the Hellhounds or Galvor had taken her away, he couldn’t do anything but crawl into a ball near the edge of the lake and cry and cry till there was nothing left to do but close his eyes and dream of Thalma appearing to him again. “Son…Son you must wake up! Maethor wake up!” cried out Gaius. Awoken with fear and tears in his eyes Maethor mumbled, “Gaius…father?” He opened his eyes wide when he saw what stood in his presence, in front of him, it was Gaius.

Father of Maethor, Gaius

“Son you must go forth and find Thalma, she was taken by Galvor. You must go and be swift and brave my son for where I’m sending you it has no light of good but evil, Pandaemonium. Galvor has put Thalma under a curse, she does not know you and she only knows that Galvor is the love of her life. The curse can be broken my son, you must go to her, show her that love conquers all. Show her that your love is stronger than this curse,” Gauis says to his son and has done his purpose and is just gone in an instant.  Appearing to him with answers about Thalma, Maethor was saddened for he had so many questions about himself. Nonetheless he must go and find Thalma.

Pandaemonium, center of all evil

Maethor has come a long way and reaches Pandaemonium, all but good and happiness lies within the walls of this place. Trenching through the woods of Pandaemonium, he reaches the main core, Galvor’s Mansion, within his house is Maethor’s beloved Thalma. As he discretely enters the house with such bravery and swiftness, he see’s Thalma laying in the bed of Galvor. Galvor is nowhere to be seen so Maethor runs and picks up Thalma and puts her in his arms. Galvor whispers, “Thalma I know you do not know me but I must get you out of this place, come with me!” Frightened by this man, Thalma yells out, “Galvor…..Galvor!” Maethor quietly says, “Shhhh! Thalma let us go, I will explain on the way back home!” Maethor throws Thalma on his shoulders and runs into the thick trees of the woods.

Thalma when Maethor finds her at the mansion of Galvor

“Thalma, please listen to me! I am Maethor, I am the love of your life, not Galvor. We had a love so strong that nothing could break us! Please remember me!” Maethor said with frustration. Days have passed and progress was slow but Thalma seemed to be acting differently. She was starting to remember some things and she would often visit the lake where we first met. One night Maethor had been wandering the forests frustrated and he decided to visit the lake and so he did. Amazed by what he saw, Thalma was there, the same exact place they met, walking slowly towards the edge of the lake where Thalma stood with such posture Maethor whispers, “Thalma, are you doing okay?” With a sudden movement Thalma looks at Maethor, kisses him passionately on the lips and with tears in her eyes pulls away and mumbles, “Maethor, oh Maethor, how I’ve missed you.” Everything in the past has rushed into the mind of Thalma after that kiss. With such enjoyment and relief Maethor caresses Thalma tightly. Maethor crying and could barely get the words out, “I love you Thalma, this will never happen again.” They walked together slowly into the forest and talked about what happened and how much they’ve missed each other.

Galvor is watching them and he knows that their happiness will only last for so long, she will still be mine. Galvor is smart he has thought one step ahead because this curse does have a twist to it, if it is broken by Maethor and his love for Thalma, then she will become immortal just like Galvor. So when Maethor has had his time with Thalma, he will still grow old and die, while Thalma is left on earth with Galvor for eternity. There is no happy ending and Galvor is the only person to know this. So he will let them live their life but Galvor intends for Thalma to be his for all eternity. Maethor and Thalma continue their life married and happy and not knowing of Thalma’s miserable future she has ahead of her.

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