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Sweet Story from Benedict Tamayo EM

Love the original drawings:)


By: Benedict Vincent G. Tamayo

Drawings are also made by me. :)

In a world where everything has a counterpart – light and darkness, good and evil, heaven and hell – Earth used to be plunged into chaos when disasters start to roam around. Houses were completely destroyed, crops and fields left barren, and the sea levels continued to decrease; the people lived a hard life day by day as they tried to find ways of survival. But everything changed after rumors circulated around the world that four children were dead in different areas due to disappearance.


Hey, have you heard of the children who died at the same time? What happened to them? Goodness, gracious, why do these bad things happen? These were some of the questions that the people ask their fellow neighbors and friends. But, the real question is: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

Years passed by and no one continued to search for the answer that they were looking for. Case closed, the four children were concluded dead and everyone accept it as a fact.


Out of nowhere, a voice was heard in the midst of darkness, “My children… Please wake up.” No response was heard and the voice repeated the same sentence until one person managed to wake up.

He yawned and stretched his arms wide. With his eyes half-opened, he wondered, where in the world am I. He saw three other people with him, by the looks of it; they seem to be of the same age as him. Looking around his surroundings, he got up and walked a short distance then back – it was but a vast white space of nothingness except the three children lying still.


He approached one of them, a girl with beautiful, twin pony-tailed hair. He nudged her and said, “Hey, wake up,” but she didn’t respond. So, he continued until the girl’s eyes are finally wide open. “Thank God, you’re awake, I thought you might be dead or something,” he commented and the girl looked at him.

The girl stretched her arms wide and finally spoke to the boy, “Hm? Where am I? And, who are you?” The girl left a puzzled face and the guy replied that he didn’t know where they are. They finally introduced one another: the boy’s name is Inferno and the girl’s name is Aeria.


As they continued talking about themselves, the two other children finally woke up and Inferno noticed them. He ran to them and said, “It’s about time you two woke up.”

One of them, a boy, replied back, “Hey, do you know where we are right now? And, who are you?” He turned his head to the other girl, “And you, who are you and tell me where we are right now,” with an angry tone.

Inferno tried his best to calm him down and the other boy kept his cool. The other girl also asked the same question, as she was flipping her long, wavy hair. They introduced each other: the other boy’s name is Terrence while the latter is Hydra.  Everyone acquainted one another, and they had laughs as each one joke about things that happened in the world.


After a while, the voice suddenly returned, “Ah, you are all awake from your long slumber, my children.”

Inferno became infuriated and asked loudly, “WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE WE!?”

The voice answered, “Calm down, Inferno, let us take things hastily. Before I move on to your mission, I need to explain to you about the world you are about to go to.” It made the children confused and surprised, but they all nodded with respect.

The voice continued to speak, “You see…Before, the world was plunged into havoc and chaos that left numerous things come crashing down. And now that things have mellowed down, I am afraid that everything might happen again. This is when the four of you are part of this; the four of you are chosen to be the ones responsible for fixing this upcoming mess.”

Terrence then asked, “But, of all the people who are living this world, why would you choose us?”

The voice replied, “From your good deeds along with you deaths, you all are-“

Hydra interrupted, “DID YOU JUST SAY DEATH?”

From his anger, Inferno shouted, “IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE? WHY WILL YOU SAY WE ARE DEAD BUT WE ARE STILL ALIVE IN THIS VAST WHITE SPACE?” Aeria and Terrence tried to comfort him, while Hydra stood there and blushed.

“My child, please don’t react with violence. Your death is not the issue at hand right now. The reason why you all are sent here is because of one thing. And that is because you all possess the most important thing that everyone needs to have: the good deeds you did for your fellow people,” the voice calmly replied. “It is not because you are all punished, but this is because I am giving you a chance to redeem yourselves as the righteous you are.”

Aeria came close to the voice and replied, “B-but… W-why would you c-choose us?”

The voice only replied three words, “Because you’re good,” no more and no less. Then, the voice was not heard after a short while.

And without further ado, the children were transported to their world and from there on, they tried their best to save the world.


As years passed by, each of them possess a special ability that involves the interaction with the elements of the world.

Inferno became a person who has the ability to gain contact with the fire spirits, but when he gets angry or agitated, volcanoes erupt and forests start to burn.

Aeria became a person who has the ability to gain contact with the air spirits, but when she gets nervous or is under pressure, a tempest will come along its way.

Terrence became a person who has the ability to gain contact with the earth spirits, but due to his hot-temperament, he can create earthquakes by punching on the ground.

And lastly, Hydra become a person who has the ability to gain contact with the water spirits. When she gets angry over a minor issue, a tsunami will be expected to arrive.

Though they may experience hard times as they continue their jobs being the protectors of this world, they learned to control and they were able to keep away the evil spirits away from causing havoc in our world. And, the world is in peace once again.


The voice wasn’t heard as well, but he did left a message for “his children” to read:

I may not be heard by all of you recently and also for five years, but I want all of you to know that by enhancing your powers, I know that all of you did your part to save the world. Yes, there may be times when all of you fought with one another, but bad things remain bad things and that is that. Do not remember the things that destroy, but the things that build you up – the precious memories that you all cherished since the four of you are such good friends to another. Treat yourselves as family members, and though I may not be there to guide you, I know that deep inside you all might have missed me the same way as I miss you all. Every day is always a bright and shining day, from today until the end of time.

SFX: Listen to for this portion about the memories that the all cherished as they grow.



1st Journal Entry (Part 1)


As I read Leni Garcia’s article, There and Back Again: Philosophy’s Journey from Mythos to Logos, and Back, it made me realize about many things regarding mythology from the ancient times (examples of these include: Myths from the East, Norse Mythology etc.).



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