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Excellent as Usual, Dwayne!

Now that the Big Lecture is over, I am so stoked to read your assignment:)  I can’t think of anything better to do than read you work:)  For starters, let me start with Dwayne Acosta’s essay:

“Truth at It’s simplicity”

When I was a kid I used to be fascinated with “Magic”, a couple of coins disappearing before my very eyes, doves instantly popping out and even playing cards flying towards me suddenly revealing the card I chose. What I thought was that these people were capable of doing amazing works of the impossible, but like everyone else, we begin to question its credibility, many say that this is the very first state of our human nature, that is, to doubt. Because sometimes what we see may not be exactly what it seems. A perfect example would be an illusion; it is an act intended to fool its target, as simple as giving off the wrong idea. Which is why I strongly believe in the saying “ There’s more to it than it meets the eye”, that there is more to everything that we have ever encountered.

For more, head over to Dwayne’s Blog:


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