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Sheena Better of EM writes a beautiful reflection: MCAD Experience

Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces


Journal Entry no. 3

the ravenous misconceptions created by harsh mouths


“We only see the things we want to see when we’re ready to see them.”

Having to see something is not just a wonderful thing to have but also is a proof that we humans are very special creatures that ever existed to have the exciting sense of virally having the chance to see beyond what is out there and to be able to extend the complexities of our senses to be able to not just witness but to also feel, taste, hear or even smell it. And profoundly this ability has allowed us to perceive, as beings that have different perspectives, it’s completely inevitable to treat and understand the complications or the beauties of a certain phenomena differently since it’s in our nature as humans to take things subjectively as based on how we tend to read the conveyed meanings embedded with these certain phenomena. Seeing is something that doesn’t just allow us to connect with the phenomena that we’re witnessing but it creates a bond on our mind that allows us understand why that phenomena is happening, but blatantly, as humans there will always be this blind spot – not literally, that hinders us from seeing what we really must see.
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