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Excellent Work, Janine Go!

I am a sucker for well-written, thoughtful reflection and Janine’s work makes reading a delight.

For me, seeing or perception is an experience and account of reality, of knowing your existence. Each time we see or perceive something, we know that we are there, that we can sense and feel it.


When I first entered the museum, what struck me was the plainness, quietness, and emptiness of the place in contrast to the noise and busyness outside the halls as students enter the gates. The place somewhat resembles a mausoleum, empty warehouse, hospital. It almost brought about the distinct smell of a hospital or the smell of a place which have been vacant and unattended for so long. It also feels a bit cold due to the ambience of the place. There were no colors, no furnitures, aside from a few chairs in the corner and the artworks on the walls. It immediately sets a tone of sadness just by the space and the lack of colors. The walls, chairs, and almost everything in the museum was white. The whole place is constructed with tall, white pillars, and seemingly long hallways. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that I had gone to heaven and God is showing me my life experiences through the artworks on the walls.

For more, head over to Janine’s blog:


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