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Some Announcements: Regular Classes on Monday, August 26 and Appeal for Help

My dear students,

I hope this finds you safe and well.  By now you’ve known of the adjustments done to our 1st Term Schedule after the crazy days we all are experiencing right now.  There will be classes on Monday for INTFILO EJ and EM.  Bummer, I know.  However, life goes on and we need to keep moving!  In fact, before my class at 1120 AM on Monday, I will be joining other La Sallians (and thousands of concerned Filipinos) for a march to Luneta to demand for the abolition of the Pork barrel also known euphemistically as Priority Development Assistance Fund, which is graft-ridden and one of the sources of corruption in our government.  If you don’t have classes before 1120 AM , please join us at the Henry Sy Lobby at 730 AM.  Wear white!  At 8AM, we will march to Luneta.  We can stay there until 10-1030 AM.

On a related note, COSCA is appealing for our help to assist those who have been displaced by floods.  This is an urgent cry for help as only about 300 families were assisted by our community and we aim to help at least 10,019 more.  Relief operations are still on-going at the Yuchengco Lobby.

Thank you for kind attention.

all the best,

Dr. Jeane




August 22, 2013

At this extraordinary time in our nation’s life, we Lasallians hear again the call to renew our commitment to good governance. As one Lasallian Family, let us participate in the efforts to ensure that the government will be transparent, accountable, honest and principled in the use of our nation’s resources. We invite all to join the mass action calling for transparency and accountability in the use of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF)/Pork Barrel on 26 August 2013, Monday at the Luneta (Km 0, Carabao).

Assembly Time: 7:30 am
Assembly Point: De La Salle University (Taft Campus) at the Cory Aquino Democratic Space – Ground Floor of the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall.
Attire: White shirts and green armbands/ribbons.
We will walk as one towards Luneta at 8:00am. Facilitators will be identified by the Lasallian Justice and Peace Commission (LJPC) of De La Salle Philippines to lead the teach-ins on the nature and use of the PDAF/Pork Barrel allotted to our lawmakers. It is our hope that our action as a Lasallian family will lead to a deeper commitment to our nation’s good and be based on an educated understanding of the deeper issues involved.

We also ask our schools in Visayas and Mindanao to join mass action in your cities as there are also groups who are calling for similar mobilization in major cities/towns outside of Metro Manila.

You are advised to coordinate with Mr. Gladstone Cuarteros of LJPC at +63 917 843 9468 or regarding the participation of your community.

Let us proudly proclaim our being Filipino by seeking to lift our people into their better selves.



  1. Greetings!
    Sorry miss if I am using this as the venue to communicate with you. First off, for the activities that I have missed from class, do I still have the chance to make-up for it? Second, when will be our grade consultation? Thank you so much miss! 🙂

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