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Dear students,

It is with joy and pleasure that I submitted your final grades today, which you can view by Sunday evening or early Monday morning.  I am especially proud of those who trudged on from beginning to end.  Some of you will probably visit me during Grade Consultation Day on September 9, 2013 at 1120 AM at Y504.  I will be happy to open my class records for your examination but note that I will smilingly inform you that I do not deal with grade beggars and terrorists!

You might have noticed I did not put comments on your Justice lecture reflection.  It was because my office computer was soooo slow per usual, and order to save on time, I just noted your grade in my class record.  Unless you deleted your WordPress account prematurely,  then I would’ve not given you grade. I visited ALL WordPress accounts, no kidding:)  So, no wordpress entries equal 0.0.  Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Have a beautiful day!


Dr. Jeane



  1. jamtanhueco says:

    Miss is it really 11 20 po? 🙂 Sabi po kasi sa mls 12 20- 12 40.

  2. aileensheila says:

    thank you po miss sa grade ^______^

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