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One of the Best Stories this Term: Marvin Madayag from INTFILO C39


In the pitch of darkness where it all began, a vast galaxy with twinkling lights scattered across the space, giving off feeble illumination like that of a firefly. Some of these lights suddenly go in rapid motion to different directions, almost like they’re alive and waiting for the moment when they can move freely and dance around space; the glow they create showers the darkness as each of those lights wanders off in dynamic ways. There came a time when almost all those feeble glows started dancing around. The three largest balls of light, known as the Trident, were the last to move but when it did, they were incomparable. They were fast and it shone the brightest of all the other lights. It looked like they were competing, going all over the space until it all collided. A blinding illumination had suddenly appeared and when it faded, a being was seen at the center of it all.


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The being was amazed at the twinkling lights surrounding him and everywhere he turned. Time has passed and he became tired of just watching them; he wanted a light, one that will overpower the darkness and even the existing lights at the moment. A swish of his hands and there came the origin of a light that gives a powerful illumination that it is nothing compared to those twinkling lights. The massive ball of light also gives out heat, fighting the icy feeling in the space.

For more, head over to Marvin’s site:


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