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Featured Post: Jane Eyre Encarnado of PHILOPE A52

One of my most favorite class assignments is the CyperMapping.  I ask students to map their internet presence via creative illustrations.  The resulting works had, and have, always astound me.  It makes for the best teaching experience ever:)

Here is one sample from one of my most articulate students—Jane Eyre Encarnado from PHILOPE A52.

Janetropolis: An Internet Map

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Our past sessions of Philope has been eaten up by watching the Oscar nominated film, Her. I won’t disclose anything about the movie because nobody really likes spoilers but I will say that it was nice. The plot was innovative and Scarlett Johansson has an amazing voice. But this isn’t the focus of this entry. The film paved way for the class to come upon the topic that we are discussing now which is “the mind and body connection.”

Basically, it was talking about how our mind and body are separate yet close entities. The body is the vessel while the mind is the intangible consciousness. With that, we also talked of how the mind is not just simply the brain but how it could also transcend to other parts of the body in order to make a human being fully intelligent in a way.

After the class has resolved all that though, the topic of cyberspace was introduced.

“Is it possible to fall in love in cyberspace?”

That was the question. I personally think that it’s possible because when people say, “love”, I don’t just think romance and chivalry but I also think of familial and friendly love. I think it’s more than possible to fall in love with a friend through the internet because it’s happening now. People are befriending each other through the name and some even get into romantic relationships. I have no explanation for this phenomenon however, I think the internet has become a somewhat extension of the mind. Of course, physically, it is a different entity but it allows us to project our consciousness through space. It’s really cool.

Anyways, Dr. Peracullo then asked us to map our internet activity. I first looked into how to make those social media maps like the ones that Maria Ressa, the nice lady pioneering Rappler, showed us during the Student Media Congregation. She showed images of “social chatter” on Twitter and it looked like the galaxy. Each star was a person, some stars were so big and other stars were linked to it. The big stars are the ones with a lot of followers and the connections showed if they are followed/following this person. It was totally awesome. I tried to look into the programme that made it in order to make my map but I’m no computer genius and I found it hard to look for the software so I disregarded this idea.

Instead, being the total geek that I am, I decided to make a hand drawn map of my internet activity that was heavily inspired by DC’s fictional city, Metropolis.


I call it Janetropolis (because of parody’s sake).

For more, check out her fantastic blog at


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