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Bioethics Class in 2011



Bioethics Class 2014

How does a teacher create teaching moments?  Bring the class over to the infamous Manila Zoo and hope for the best.  Seriously though, the Zoo presents a lot of  ethical issues like:  should animals be used solely for human purposes, which include entertainment?  What constitutes humane treatment of animals? Although both visits left me with a heavy heart because of the sad state of the animals housed in there, those sweet smiles from students (a matter of course when Filipinos pose for pictures) in these photos make me smile a bit.  Should we give some love to the Manila Zoo?  It’s a complicated question, which deserves a long thoughtful answer.  One one hand, we deplore the sad plight of animals; on the other hand, we recognize and acknowledge the reality that for many poor people in the city of Manila, it is the only place where they can encounter exotic animals from faraway lands firsthand. Ethics demand justice, and justice—both for animals and people—deserve to be factored in when one makes an ethical consideration on this case. Justice and love go together, always.


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