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Journal Entry 3

Thank you, Luigi for this insightful review of my talk for the NKK:)

Luigi's Blog

Luigi Sandico



The talk on Japanese yaoi was truly a different experience for me. It was my first time to experience such detailed and interesting knowledge about the culture of Japan. It definitely caught my attention as everything that was discussed was foreign to me and that all the more made the talk more interesting.

In the case of Japan, lesbians in the country are still scared to come out. Social pressures continue to keep many of Japan’s gay women in the closet. As so, yaoi in Japan seemed to be the only platform wherein lesbians can come out and be open about their sexuality. It is through cyberspace that they get to truly express their deepest desires through characters, as they intend to fight the hypersexual portrayal of women in anime. As men and women in anime are portrayed  in a hypersexual manner, there is a low…

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