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Welcome to a New Year, Term, Life


One of the most exciting things in teaching right now is undoubtedly the use of multimedia.  I found out about this happily because I have been using blogging for sometime now and schoolwork has never been fun!  My students took to blogging like ducks to water.  No surprise there!  This generation is especially hard-wired to multimedia, music, YouTube, and similar.  So folks, here you are!  Some of you are in this blogging thing a long time so this intro would be a bore but to those who are doing this for the very first time, I dare say, congratulations and welcome to the endless fun of being cyber-citizens!

Of course there are many rules to blogging.  Hey, this is not a ranting, expletive-spewing exercise  which to my book, is a waste of precious cyber-space and it does not make you look cool at all(more like pathetic)!  Instead, this is an uber-intellectual, creative exercise of putting down your deep thoughts and musings which you unabashedly publish ha ha for all the world to see.  Add to the fun is the fact that you save precious trees by not printing them down on paper.

I hope you’ll take time to explore this site because some of the posts are required readings, syllabus  skeds, and announcements necessary for a stress-free (almost happy), class under me.
All the best, everyone


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