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Featured Post: Ma. Carmel Villafranca of N03

A simple, beautiful story:)  I love it!

Raining Love


Long before time was invented, on a bright and sunny day in the heavens, Rufasa, god of Light, was watching his beloved daughter as she was sleeping. He caressed Lancailla’s hair and reflected on how much he loved her. Rufasa pondered on the things that he could give to his daughter since he wanted the best for her; including the perfect husband. And so, when Lancailla was old enough to talk, Rufasa introduced her to Dagmero, god of strength, son of Rotsede, and the two became friends instantly.

Lancailla and Dagmero grew up to become best friends. They did everything together and we’re almost inseperable. Lancailla realized one day that she had fallen in love with Dagmero. However, he only saw her as a good friend. Meanwhile, Rufasa saw the friendship of the two as a sign for them to be married.

When Rufasa and Lancailla were alone, Rufasa told Lancailla that he wanted her to be married to Dagmero. Lancailla’s eyes lit up for she was so happy with what her father has said. Tears of joy fell from her eyes. The tears fell to the oceans below and made them sparkle for a short while. Her tears were pure and beautiful for she was the goddess of water.

For more, check our Carmel’s site here.


Featured Post: Story from Christopher Dy of N03

I love this story for its thoughtful take on how we came to be.



The universe is a curious matter to discuss, because of the fact that it holds so many mysteries, the depth seems to be limitless that humans alone can’t distinguish where it starts or ends. The world that we remember began with cavemen, but the earlier forms of humans even before cavemen can’t be traced down due to some unknown circumstances, some believed that we simply evolved from monkeys. The story took place before cavemen or monkeys even existed, before there were any signs of life. We humans are simply three dimensional beings that came from two dimensional things that we call “nothing”. Using some principles from physics the nothing we know of composes of two things that is matter and anti-matter, together they form “nothing” but broken apart and mingling with other “nothing” they form something. The things that can forcefully break apart and merge “nothing” are those that are higher than us, those that we cannot understand, and something higher than us. We may call these beings God for making miracles happen, but there might be higher beings than them. Being a three-dimensional being we can only manage to make three dimensional structures, but those that are four dimensional can easily make three dimensional things, just as easy as how we can easily draw two dimensional figures.

For more, check out Christopher’s site here.

Featured Post: Story from Bryle Bermudez of N04

A beautiful story!


            Once there was a goddess whose name was Rosa. She is the one that created everything; the universe, emotions, light, etc. and this is her story.

            Rosa was the only goddess. She is a simple, beautiful, and loving goddess. She didn’t live in a certain place for she can create her own world the way she wants. Nothing existed before her and nothing would exist without her. Because of that fact, she became lonely. As a cure to her loneliness, she decided to plant flowers. She planted plenty of flowers; all types of flowers actually with different colors. She took care of them and loved them like they were her own children. She watered them everyday day and even spoke to each one of them. But there was a problem. Not even a single flower blossomed.

For more, check out Bryle’s site here.

Look! A Google independence Day Doodle

Look! A Google independence Day Doodle



Who says Dragons do not Exist?

WHERE ARE DAENERYS' BABIES? Searching for a certain route in Wales can give you the option to use dragons for travel. Photo from Google's Google+ Page


Google Maps give travelers option to travel via dragon

MANILA, Philippines – Where have Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion been all summer?

It seems Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons have been busy giving travelers a lift as Google Maps recently unveiled yet another Easter Egg. Travelers who search for routes between Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales to South Wales’ Brecon Beacons are given the option to travel by car, walking, cycling, and dragon.

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