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Featured Post: Ma. Carmel Villafranca of N03

A simple, beautiful story:)  I love it!

Raining Love


Long before time was invented, on a bright and sunny day in the heavens, Rufasa, god of Light, was watching his beloved daughter as she was sleeping. He caressed Lancailla’s hair and reflected on how much he loved her. Rufasa pondered on the things that he could give to his daughter since he wanted the best for her; including the perfect husband. And so, when Lancailla was old enough to talk, Rufasa introduced her to Dagmero, god of strength, son of Rotsede, and the two became friends instantly.

Lancailla and Dagmero grew up to become best friends. They did everything together and we’re almost inseperable. Lancailla realized one day that she had fallen in love with Dagmero. However, he only saw her as a good friend. Meanwhile, Rufasa saw the friendship of the two as a sign for them to be married.

When Rufasa and Lancailla were alone, Rufasa told Lancailla that he wanted her to be married to Dagmero. Lancailla’s eyes lit up for she was so happy with what her father has said. Tears of joy fell from her eyes. The tears fell to the oceans below and made them sparkle for a short while. Her tears were pure and beautiful for she was the goddess of water.

For more, check our Carmel’s site here.


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