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Genocide is Genocide

Excellent Reflection, Ma. Carmel Villafranca of INTFILO N03!


On July 25, 2014, the Philosophy Department of the College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University Manila, held a lecture on genocide led by Doctor Thomas Pegelow Kaplan of the Davidson College, North Carolina. The talk, entitled “’We Must Name Genocide Genocide’: Left-Wing Protest Movements, Transnational Imageries of Mass Murder, and Remaking of Memory in West Germany and the United States, 1951-1983,” focused on how genocide evolved.

Doctor Thomas Pegelow Kaplan Doctor Thomas Pegelow Kaplan

In the first part of his lecture, Dr. Kaplan discussed the history of genocide. According to him, Raphael Lemkin was the person responsible for coining the word “genocide” in his text Axis Rule In Occupied Europe. Genocide was then known as the “destruction of a nation or an ethnic group in its modern development.” It was during the 9th of December, 1948, that the final text on the international law on genocide was adopted unanimously, making genocide an…

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