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Essence of Existence

Featured Post: Den Ramos of INTFILO N04

Excellent reflection!


The story of the Japanese anime movie, Eve No Jikan, revolves around the meaning of being human. After watching the movie, I can’t help but wonder questions about humanity. Why is difference or being different a huge conflict on humans?

The essence of humanity is to have diversity, just like how it is natural to have two different sexes, a male and a female. Difference may refer to contrasting perceptions, beliefs, values, physical attributes, and identities of human beings. Humans desire superiority and they want to surpass those who have dissimilar qualities or philosophies as them. If not superior, they want to be comparable or equal to the ideals of mankind. Those who are not equal to the caliber and standards of humans are often seen as inferiors. They are often treated immorally such as being stereotyped, discriminated, belittled, bullied and ignored in the society. That is why some people…

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