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INTFILO CLASSES: 4th JOURNAL ENTRY: Crafting/Slaying/Destabilizing Self: Identity, Love and Power in Cyberspace

4th JOURNAL ENTRY: Crafting/Slaying/Destabilizing Self: Identity, Love and Power in Cyberspace DEADLINE: December 8, 2014 final This particular assignment aims to establish in a definitive way young people’s views of cyberspace. Through phenomenology, students critically examine their own experience as they navigate or surf cyberspace and how such experience impact on the way they understand themselves, their gender identities, sexual orientation and even their views on being Filipino. Methodology:

  1. A phenomenological study on self and/or gender as it is constructed, crafted and destabilized in computer games and cyberspace
  2. A phenomenological study on love in cyberspace. This includes flirting, hooking up, dating and falling in love. This could also touch on cybersex, cyber romance or how young people regard cybersex or cyber romance.
  3. A phenomenological study on human interconnectedness.
  4. A phenomenological study on empowerment or powerlessness in cyberspace
  5. A phenomenological study on reality in cyberspace.

Instructions: 1. Minimum number of pages: 2 2. Take note of the parts of the paper: 2.1 Introduction:  Basically, your question or thesis. 2.2 Description of Experience. For the second part, describe your experience as fully as possible. To conduct a personal description of a lived experience, try to describe your experience as much as possible in experiential terms, focusing on a particular situation or event. Try, as Merleau-Ponty says, to give a direct description of your experience as it is, without offering causal explanations or interpretive generalizations of my experience. Describe the experience from the inside, as it were-almost like a state of mind: the feelings, the mood, the emotions, etc.Focus on a particular example or incident of the object of experience: describe specific experience related to your topic. Try to focus on an example of the experience which stands out for its vividness, or as it was the first time. Attend to how the body feels, how things smell(ed), how they sound(ed), etc. Avoid trying to beautify your account with fancy phrases or flowery terminology. Please note: it is important to realize that it is not of great concern whether this experience actually happened in exactly that way. Phenomenology is less concerned with the factual accuracy than with the plausibility of an account–whether it is true to our living sense of it. 3. The Third Part is Philosophizing. Drawing from your description of experience, what insights emerged about “Self” or “Identity“ or Love” or “Power” or “Powerlessness” or Human Connectivity” or “Reality?” Are there parts, components, facets, or sides of any of the above? Describe them through an illustration. 4. Conclusion: What is your definition of “Self” or “Identity“ or Love” or “Power” or “Powerlessness” or Human Connectivity” or “Reality?” 5. Think of a smashing title for your blog entry.


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  1. A sobering read on why even if the internet encourages hyperconnectivity, loneliness is still excruciatingly present. Does cyberspace exacerbate loneliness?

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