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Featured Post: Shannen Lee of INTFILO V24

Excellent reflection on the meaning of reality from the point of a gamer!  I love it:)

Reality Is Not Real

In my blog, I will tackle the thesis on the phenomenological study on reality in cyberspace because in my point of view, I do not believe that reality can be summed up in any certain criteria as the status quo given by the society. For me, reality is just a figment of our imagination because reality may just be something abstract or concrete as long as our minds would consider them to be real. Before going on any further in my blog, the underlying question of “What is reality?” will always stand in shedding light in this topic. According to the New Oxford Dictionary, reality is the state of things that actually exist, but yet again the subjectivity of the word “exist” is similar to the word “reality”. Considering this, it would be highly unsatisfactory to just leave the concept of reality as to that. Some may argue that for something to exist, one must acknowledge that the senses must recognize it and others would argue that reality is something of the state of mind (“I think, therefore I am”). Throughout this blog I will be defining how cyberspace, specifically online games, is as real as any of the tangible things around us by using my interpretations of the concepts of the senses and Cogito ergo sum, and by relating this to my experience of living in the world of online games before.

For more, head over to Shannen’s blog here.


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