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Final Grades are Up, Biotics!

Go to the Bioethics page and download the file on your particular section.  Thanks!  I’ll be seeing you between 8- 10 AM tomorrow if you have some questions.

All the best on you final exam!


Featured Post: Sophia Ytienza of N03

Excellent reflection!

Albert Einstein: The Scientist as Activist

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Last March 20, 2015 at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, I have attended a series of lectures which talked about who Albert Einstein was. The lectures went through discussing about of how Einstein as a scientist became an activist at the same time. It was an inspiring and educational talk having three different speakers from both the Philosophy department and Filipino department to share their ideas and insights as we get to know more about Einstein. They were Dr. Dennis Apolega, Mr. Robert James Boyles and Dr. Feorillo Petronilo Demeterio.

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What Does it Take to See the World from the Point of View of Animals?

My heart breaks on the news that about 150 dolphins are feared dead in the massive massacre  in the shores of Japan.

Why don’t dolphins fight back?  Why are they so benevolent?  These are some of the questions explored by a scientist:  And I may add, why we humans, who are supposedly more intelligent than any other animal on earth, are capable of inflicting so much suffering on to other?


Finally, experts and animal rights activists that whales and dolphins ought to be accord the same rights as humans because they are equally intelligent: