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Sept 21, 1972: The Declaration of Martial Law

From Professor Leslie Bauzon of UP:

Today marks the 43rd year since Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law in the Philippines. In 2012, Rock Ed Philippines working with the National Youth Commission (NYC) and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), authorized multi-awarded Arnold D. Arre, outstanding young Filipino artist who is an alumnus of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, to do the “Freedom from Martial Law Animated Video Series” entitled “Tandaan, Kalayaan, Alagaan:” Video 1 – “Sunken Garden;” Video 2 – “Curfew;” and Video 3 – “Newspaper.” 
In celebration of Filipino freedom, please take a look at the animated video series via this link: We acknowledge Arnold D. Arre as the Filipino artist tasked with doing the animated videos “Tandaan, Kalayaan, Alagaan.

Reminder: PHILOPE reading on Peter Singer’s All Animals Are Equal

To all PHILOPE A55 and A55 students concerned,

Make sure that you bring your PDF copy (e-version or print) to class tomorrow, September 22, 2015.  No reading, no attendance.

Be guided accordingly.

Featured Post: Gale Pauline Morales of A55


Humanity: The Loss and the Recovery

Humanity: The Loss and the Recovery

An Essay of Humanity on the movie Avatar

by Gael Morales

(Questions 1 and 7)

Avatar (2009) source: google images

             Within the movie Avatar, several concepts are clearly reflected within modern day society. The importance of money has long been an evident trait when it comes to the human society, but the critical idea this movie holds is that humans are no longer dealing with other humans, but with a species far different from their own. Humans, in the movie, are tasked to tackle a community they are not entirely aware of, and play their strings into the sole purpose of mineral harvest.

For more, check out Gale’s WordPress blog.

Because We All Need One Another

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Desperate Elephants Shot With Poison Arrows Travel To Humans For Help

Last month, a wild elephant and two of his friends were attacked by poachers. Wounded by poisoned arrows, they trudged across the African landscape to the one place that could help them: the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT).

Though the wild elephant had never been a resident at DSWT, he knew elephants who had. He had mated with two former orphans who were raised at DSWT’s Ithumba Reintegration Centre, who now lead their own wild herd. In 2011, he fathered babies with them, whom DSWT named Mwende and Yetu.

And DSWT is certain he knew this group of humans meant help.

For more on the story, head over to

Hang in There and Chill!

Just want you to know that I received notifications of your submission.  I will just have to finish some loose ends in my other work and then I will get back to you!  I will answer all queries tomorrow.