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Happy World Philosophy Day



Isn’t this wonderfully unexpected?


spermTo map my location on cyberspace, I used the uniting of sperm cell and egg cell as my way of explaining it. The egg cell represents me, while the sperm cells are the social media I used. In the picture, the sperm cells travel going towards the egg cell (me). These are facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, viber, youtube, 9gag, gmail, google plus, yahoo, pinterest, vine, line, wechat, skype, tumblr, friendster and multiply. The distance of the various sperm cells to the egg cell is different from each other. There are some sperm cells who go first while the others are left behind. This means that the sperm cells that are near to the egg cell (me) are the social medias I used most of the time. Facebook goes first among the other sperm cells. I used facebook most of the time not just to be updated on the social happenings in my country and  in the world, but I used it also as a contact with my classmates in DLSU, my high school friends, family and relatives to know how they are doing and to keep in touch with them. Friendster and Multiply are left behind by the others because only few uses it today. The social media that I used most of the time are the ones which have a lot of users whom I can add/follow like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and others. I do not let myself be left behind that is why I make sure that I have one already. Though I have a lot of them, I do not use all of them daily. Now, I only use few of them because I cannot update all of my profiles in these social media. I make sure that I also have a life. 🙂

Have a Restful Holiday!

At Oslob, Cebu while waiting for whale sharks:)