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9th DLSU Arts Congress Update

Intfilo C36,

Please proceed to Yuchengco 407-408 (not 507-509) for alternative class on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 230 PM to 400 PM.  We will attend the Panel G Presentations.

dlsu arts congress

Attendance will be checked and 1-page reaction paper (summary of the talk and personal reaction) will be collected on Monday, February 15, 2016.


Featured Post: Deo Dia INTFILO C36

What an imaginative take on a familiar story!  Excellent!

The Myth of the Former Angel, Trend

dlsu.jpg      De La Salle University, a Christian school, where the latest trends such as Iphones, Undercuts and short shorts are prevalent. In the past few years the students had put so much attention into these new trends while they go on with their daily lives. These new trends had affected the students so much that their attention for God has decreased as the years go by.

For more, check out Deo’s site here: