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Contemporary Take on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave 2016

Made by: Shayna Reyes, Marie  Albert Pilar, Cyril Luyao, Ricci Ibarreta

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Attention INTFILO C36: Lecture of Dr. Stephen Chadwick is Cancelled

Dear students,

I received the news late last night; nevertheless we continue with our free cut, this time in lieu of your attendance in April 1, 2016 Big Lecture.  I’ll see you all on March 30.


Happy Easter Monday!


Dr. Jeane

Free Cut for INTFILO C36

March 7, 2016

Dear Students,

I am sorry to inform you that we will not have a regular class today; instead you will work on your Midterm Presentation which is due on Wednesday.  I am actually in campus but is incapacitated by the horrible pain brought about by endometriosis ( a painful condition when endometrium cells of the uterus are present in other organs of the body.  I tried to be well enough to actually hold a class but alas, the pain is really debilitating. A lot of women, especially my age and even younger, suffer from this. Estrogen makes us women but estrogen is also responsible for the searing menstrual pain.  There’s that:)

See you on Wednesday!

For more information about the condition, see


Join the Public Lecture on “Happier Thursdays”

Happier Thursdays

What possible dangers lurk for DLSU girls during Happy Thursdays? How do you build enough confidence and self-esteem that you can afford to pass joining your so-called friends in their Happy Thursdays shenanigans?