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Excellent Reflection on Avatar

I’m Ready for Abduction – Avatar


From the list of eight (8) questions, these two (2) will be the focus of my popular (pop) culture analysis: 1) One interesting paradox in the film is the way in which the alien Na’vi people actually display far more human tendencies than the humans in the story. They appear more highly evolved than the humans in their respect of the life and the energy surrounding them. How do you see evidence of this throughout the film? 2) How would you describe the key roles that women play in the film? What portrayals struck you?

The premise behind these choices are primarily due to my interests in the society’s abstraction of “femininity”, which has recurrently been stressed out from my past blog posts, primarily in my discourse analysis using a feminist approach. The former question, on one hand, seems to manifest and fulfill a sense of “relevance” and “propriety” for this course, Philosophy of the Person.

For more, check out Georgia Fernandez of PHILOPE A54 blog here.


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