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Why I am Driving

I came across an old blog that I made on driving. Just this morning, I shared to my PHILOPE students how learning to drive was very empowering for me. Here are some of my thoughts on why I drive:)

Empowered Driver

One of the many misconceptions about Philippine driving is that it is dangerous and as such best taken by men.  Having been brought up as a girl with very limited means,  there was a lot I was fearful of, but poverty would force anyone to be resourceful, and so early on I had learned to deal with my fears. I would have to learn, stat, to carve opportunities for myself so i could survive.

But courage is built over time.  Confidence-building on my part took a lot of time because at the back of mind I would always feel like an impostor, or I would feel like  I would never be good enough in anything that required exceptional talent.

I am not a genius or some kind of a kid wonder but I know hard work and I never felt I had a sense of entitlement just because.  On the…

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