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Excellent reflection on Philosophy of Work


Wonderful piece, Georgia Fernandez!

Philosophy of Work: Reflection Paper)

Just like Rihanna’s hit single, Work, this paper triumphed  in sending me back to reality – the verisimilitude of the academic life, the sober scent of papers and readings, the insomnolent nights and hence, the realm of legitimate “work”-  from the ostensible Utopia in Baler in which I, together with my colleagues, conducted a fieldwork for our majors class (Qualitative Political Analysis – QUALPOL / POLQUAL).



As Dr. Jeane Peracullo uttered in her opening remarks, the talk aims to celebrate the mundane everyday activity, specifically work, which is the core of being human. It transcends the values critical thinking and reflection not only in our academic life but also in everyday life as well. Three speakers from the philosophy department, Miss Hazel Biana, Mr. Ignacio Ver and Mr. Mark Dacela, spearheaded the big lecture.

For more, check out Georgia’s blog here.


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