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Of Paradigm Shift and Resistance

A student shared that one of his takeaways from the lesson on paradigm shift is that he can transform his old worldview to something new after seeing things differently. and when one sees much more clearly, he or she cannot afford anymore to be just an observer or a fence-sitter when injustices are happening around them.  I truly admire this realization.

Yesterday, 500,000 women and men (and some children and animals)  took part in the Women’s March, a day after Trump’s inauguration.  And there were many more thousands of people around the world who joined them in solidarity. Trump is a bully, a misogynist, and a racist, but he has just been sworn in as the U.S. new president.  In his speech, he basically outlined his fascist regime.

But the people refuse and resist to allow Trump to get away with it.  Thus, the women’s march is much more than just refusing and resisting.  As my friend, Jason Craig Harris points out in his FB post:

People power. Dissent. Exercising democratic rights. Collective expression. Voice. Silent no more. Critical refusal. Awareness. Sustaining public consciousness. Vigilance. Advocacy. Intersectionality. Justice. Freedom.

Here are some pictures of the Women’s March from the New York Times.

To see differently; to acquire a higher consciousness; to transcend ultra-nationalism and become a citizen of the world—these are the challenges we are so ready to take on!


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