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Wonder Woman. Wow.

Wonder Woman is possibly the best superhero movie made in recent memory. Themes of love and never giving up on humanity are over-arching; the film resonates for the world, which seems to be gripped by dominant narratives of hate, exclusion and isolation.

Here’s a review from the New York Times:

The Triumph of ‘Wonder Woman’


Gal Gadot in a scene from “Wonder Woman.” Credit Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment, via Associated Press

The box office has made its ruling, and the verdict is clear. You can’t keep a wonderful woman down.

“Wonder Woman,” which opened this weekend, is a mammoth hit, meeting the most optimistic expectations and setting up its director, Patty Jenkins, for a place in the record books. It’s on track to earn between $90 and $105 million domestically by Monday morning, according to industry projections. That’s the best debut ever for a movie directed by a woman.

And it’s an enormous relief. Does anyone doubt that if “Wonder Woman” had flopped, Hollywood chieftains would have drawn sweeping and cynical conclusions about the potency of female superheroes, female directors, female everything? Now we’ll see if they read as much into the success of “Wonder Woman.”

To read more, read over to the Times.


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