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Grades are Up!

Dear students,

To view your grade, go to the specific web page for Philosophy of the Person or Gender, Race and Class.  I will see you during the grade consultation day tomorrow, August 23, 2017.  Refer to your .myLaSalle account or equivalent for the schedule.

In the meanwhile, please stay safe and dry!

My warmest wishes,

Dr. Jeane


Professorial Chair Lecture of Dr. Peracullo

Reblogging this because of the pictures:) Thank you for taking time out to come, listen and make a reaction paper. Thanks, Erika!

Erika's thoughts


Last Thursday, August 17, I attended the talked of Dr. Peracullo on Genealogical Mapping of Feminist Resistance Theory. She talked about the history of feminist and how women are being oppressed in our society.

20986553_10209121801232293_1388039074_n.jpgDr. Peracullo started her talk with giving an example of a Feminist group that is against the government. Her example was the ‘Pussy Riots’. It is a feminist group based on Russia who protested in church. I was bit shock about this feminist group because they were brave enough to protest in the church, knowing it is a sacred place and the heavy consequences of it. I believe it was a bit over the line for it was disrespectful for me because it is the house of God. I think that it is better if they did their protest at the mall, public park or even in the front of their supreme court. With this, they…

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The Body “Knows:” Self, Identity, and Body Awareness

This is a beautiful essay from Cha Aquino of PHILOPE A56. Among the many assignments and activities I had assigned to my students, this assignment is a personal favorite because of the overwhelming positive response to the call to share about what it means to have a gender and body identity. Thank you for all the wonderful reflections!

Philosophy of the Person

The first time I truly realized that I was a girl was when I complained to my parents that there was a boy bothering me in school. The boy would tease me all the time, call me names, and from what I could remember, was just short of becoming violent. After explaining this to my parents, they laughed and said, “Ganyan talaga mga boys ‘pag may crush sayo.” I vividly remember being confused because I thought that if he liked me, why would he be mean to me? A few days later, when the boy’s teasing became too much, I fought back and got reprimanded by my homeroom teacher. Despite telling her that he was bothering me, she said that regardless of the situation, “it’s not proper for girls to fight.” At that moment, I remember being (wrongfully) ashamed of defending myself.

Boys will be boysCredit: CNN Philippines “It’s the comments…

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Incentive: Geological Mapping of Feminist Resistance Theories

I am very impressed by this summary and reflection of my talk! Thank you, Kimberly of PHILOPE A56 for the excellent work!

Kimby Estanislao

Due to the existence of patriarchy and hyper-masculinity in the world, people, particularly women, were forced to resist these social structures and body systems that had long oppressed and subjugated them. An example of which is the iconic resistance against the state in the context of religion that is staged by an all-female Russian punk group (called the pussy riots) inside a Greek orthodox church.

 Resistance indicates our agency to stage an action, be it active or passive. As they say “history is written by the victors”. The inequality of power and exclusion that has long been going on was enforced by those in authority to maintain and ensure political stability. Social constructs such as gender, race etc. are controlled by those in power. Even language in itself can manifest the elite’s power dynamics and alienate women. Only people who can speak English are able to participate in the global…

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Colonialism, Decolonization, and Resistance

Another excellent reflection from Jerika Ubaldo of Gender, Race and Class in the US course.

Gender, Race, and Class in the United States

In Praise of Difficult Chicas: Feminism and Femininity 

by Adriana Lopez

  • Colonialism

“Feminist might not be the proper sobriquet to describe my great aunt, Tia Esthercita, but she sure was fearless. In the late 1950s she flouted the church’s social dictums, scoffed at being ladylike and defied los hombres machistaShe smoked cigars, huffed down whiskey and indulged in numerous love affairs with very doting, sometimes married, men. She owned a farm on the outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia, and a three-bedroom modern apartment in Las Torres de Fenicia, a high-rise luxury building in the once chic downtown part of the capital. I could never quite figure out how my aunt could afford this lavish lifestyle and why my mother’s family always rolled their eyes and spoke furtively when the subject turned to our eccentric aunt – a woman with cojones.”

             To understand…

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