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How to Cite Social Media in Scholarly Writing

How to Cite Social Media in Scholarly Writing

Very important!  Please take note.

How to Cite Social Media in Scholarly Writing
Posted on September 17, 2013
By, Camille Gamboa, PR, SAGE US

While it may have taken some time for many in academe to take seriously the informal, unpredictable, and undiscriminating world of social media, sites like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, and Vine play both a communicative and a constructive role in important societal matters. For example, it would be difficult to deny the impact that news sent out in 140 characters has had on business, political elections, and even medicine and armed conflict. In fact, the U.S. Library of Congress is taking social media seriously enough to become the permanent archive of Twitter.

As it seems that social media will only play a bigger role in future research of all disciplines, I took to doing my own research on how Facebook posts, tweets, YouTube videos, etc. should be cited in academic publications. I came across the following table from TeachBytes that I thought would be helpful to share with our SAGE Connection readers as well (thank you, Aditi!):

Social Media CitationsSocial-Media-Citations


No Classes in INTFILO and PHILOPE Today, September 22, 2013

Dear Students,

As the heavy rains continue to pound Cavite where I live, rendering the roads impassable, I sadly announce that my classes today are called off.   Please share this announcement with your classmates.

I hope that all of you are well!  I will announce date for make-up class on Wednesday, the 25th.



Dr. Jeane


Welcome to a Brand-new Term!




One of the most exciting things in teaching right now is undoubtedly the use of multimedia.  I found out about this happily because I have been using blogging for sometime now and schoolwork has never been fun!  My students took to blogging like ducks to water.  No surprise there!  This generation is especially hard-wired to multimedia, music, YouTube, and similar.  So folks, here you are!  Some of you are in this blogging thing a long time so this intro would be a bore but to those who are doing this for the very first time, I dare say, congratulations and welcome to the endless fun of being cyber-citizens!

Of course there are many rules to blogging.  Hey, this is not a ranting, expletive-spewing exercise  which to my book, is a waste of precious cyber-space and it does not make you look cool at all(more like pathetic)!  Instead, this is an uber-intellectual, creative exercise of putting down your deep thoughts and musings which you unabashedly publish ha ha for all the world to see.  Add to the fun is the fact that you save precious trees by not printing them down on paper.

This site is brand-new after years of using for my academic platform.  Multiply had been my reliable virtual assistant so it was with a heavy heart that I let  it go.  However, I am also very excited to explore and it seems really promising!  I’ve already posted stuff in every page; I hope you’ll take time to explore them because some are required readings, syllabus  skeds, and announcements necessary for a stress-free (almost happy), class under me.
All the best, everyone


Dear students,

It is with joy and pleasure that I submitted your final grades today, which you can view by Sunday evening or early Monday morning.  I am especially proud of those who trudged on from beginning to end.  Some of you will probably visit me during Grade Consultation Day on September 9, 2013 at 1120 AM at Y504.  I will be happy to open my class records for your examination but note that I will smilingly inform you that I do not deal with grade beggars and terrorists!

You might have noticed I did not put comments on your Justice lecture reflection.  It was because my office computer was soooo slow per usual, and order to save on time, I just noted your grade in my class record.  Unless you deleted your WordPress account prematurely,  then I would’ve not given you grade. I visited ALL WordPress accounts, no kidding:)  So, no wordpress entries equal 0.0.  Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Have a beautiful day!


Dr. Jeane