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Good Morning!


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About the Film Showing

Dear students in INTFILO C39 and 33,

I am sorry I was not able to inform you personally about my absence in this morning classes.  Several of my colleagues and I went to DLSU-STC  for urgent official business, about which I was informed only yesterday.  I made arrangements with Blanche and David for film-showing.  I am sorry to learn now that the video did not play.  I tested it several times in vlc players in several pcs and it worked beautifully each time.

I hope you coped very well and did not resort to any violence (kidding!) to deal with your frustrations:)  I will see you on Wednesday ( a long time, I know haha!) next week.  At the meantime, I wish you all a happy weekend!

Featured Post: Story from Eloise Abigail Padilla

I love it Abby:)  You’re a fantastic storyteller!

How the World Began

Among the gods of the Stars, the Moon and the Sun and all Heavenly Bodies in the Galaxy, there opened the eyes of a queen, a true beauty and a pure spirit. She was named Cora the Heart. She was called by the Order of the Moon. She was supposed to be the ruler of all, after all the gods in the Galaxy. She shall inherit everything that exists and all that she can think of. She is the supreme goddess and no one shall hold back.Image

Her work is to supervise everything in the Galaxy, all the Stars, the Moon, and the Sun and all the Planets. She made friends with every one of them. She plays with and gets along with the Comets, the Asteroids and all their rulers. She makes sure that everything is in their places, and everyone is doing their work. She was very happy then with whatever she is doing. She is praised by the gods and gives her credit with what she does. They think she deserves her position and are sure of giving her the all the legacies.

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Featured Post: Story by John Ortiz of C33

So beautifully written and the illustrations are to-notch!

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In the beginning of time, the great architect scattered rulers who reflected himself over different parts of his world. These rulers were given the liberty and Joy to create the things that they want and how they want their land to go about.

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Featured Post: Krishna Loquinte of INTFILO C33

Of course this wonderful story came from Almighty Krish:)

INTFILO HW: Tears of Aura

A/N: This story was inspired by one of Hans Christian Andersen’s works and one of my favorite songs. Check out the link below to read Andersen’s story and to listen to the instrumental version of the song.

Don’t hesitate anymore please, take my heart away
Yes, the sharper it is, the better – even the moonlight shut its eyes tonight
If only it was a different guy and not me, if only it was a line from a comedy
I will burn all of the scars exchanged with your love


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Credits to:

The night sky was filled with specks of glittering white. The cool, gentle breeze coming from the sea can be felt as it rustled the white curtains hanging above the doors of the balcony and blow inside the dark room only illuminated by the silver moonlight. Contrary to the calmness and serenity enveloping the night sky, the scene inside the room was greatly filled with nothing but turmoil. Under the moonlight, a silhouette of a woman standing by the bedside of the man she loves can be seen. Grasping the dagger in her right hand, hesitation was evident on her tear-stricken face. With only the moon as her witness, ending the life of her loved one would have been easy. Ending the life of her beloved would have been easy because in front of her was her beloved – helplessly asking her to end his life to save her.

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